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from the 32 yard line. off the fake. he steps up, vick, and he gets havili. think about mccoy. he's one of those few every down backs. in fact in for more than 80% of philadelphia's plays last year. he and ray rice. the two guys who can count on every down. >> cris: tell you another thing, al, this no-huddle offense has worn them down offensively. they don't do all the substituting that the eagles do with their line and the pressure isn't quite what it once was here. >> al: second down and three. bryce brown. he should have the first down. kansas state seventh round pick. brought in by marty mornhinweg. once the head coach at detroit. >> cris: boy, is he worked up this week.
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he could not believe how many mistakes his offense made in arizona. and for perry fewell, he's getting late substitute. >> al: vick. with time. throws. incomplete. jackson was the closest man to it. second and ten. >> cris: one of the thins that you really have to do against great pass rushers is occasionally don't back up, occasionally go after them the way demetress bell did here. see how he's going to jump off the ball early, but he won't take those big kick steps. he's going to surprise osi umenyiora before he gets out of the stance. >> al: they run that play again. havili with the same eight yard gain. tuck works it back there. works the first time, works the
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second time. >> cris: this time mathias kiwanuka. but when you have a west coast offense, think back to bill walsh and those day, their fullbacks are athletic pass catchers. >> al: third and a short three. with pressure. gets taken to the ground by chase blackburn at the 17 yard line. so that's going to set up the field goal attempt. and that's the first sack of the game for either team tonight. >> cris: great coverage on the outside. prince amukamara playing on the bad ankle has had a nice game so far tonight. celek, solid job there.
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then webster on jackson. >> al: henery 35 yard attempt. trying to make it 3 for 3. and he does. 9:25 left in regulation. clever monkey. ze for a do you want to go into space, george? you will have to be very brave. hi, grandma! oh hi,. my little monkey! here. thank you very much. you're welcome. everyone got on and they were off to the launching site. google, how far is earth to the moon? moon is 238,900 miles...
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the great moment had come... ...5...4...3...2...1 >> al: sunday night football being brought to you by "here comes the boom" in theater
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october 12th. and by share everything. only from verizon. what about david wilson? we'll see what the coverage is here. wilson is going to bring it back from five yards in. and this time there's a big cheer in philadelphia as the coverage unit does its job. eli goes to work from the 17.
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♪ always been ♪ the only one ♪ yeah, the only one ♪ ♪ ♪ yeah, the only one ♪ just too close to love you ♪ ♪ there's nothing i can really say ♪ ♪ i can't lie no more 't hide no more ♪ ♪ got to be true to myself ♪
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>> al: this week jay leno, bryan cranston, ben affleck, carol burnett, christina applegate. guesting on the tonight show with jay leno. >> cris: looks like jay leno
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driving down the highway. he loves his cars. giants again from their own 17 yard line. a nice ankle tackle up at the 20 by asomugha. eli in the fourth quarter last year, 15 td passes, 6 game-winning drives, including that spectacular one on that sunday night in dallas. this year 3 tds, no picks, they were down by more than ten in the first quarter in week two against the buccaneers. with that spectacular second half. the master of the comeback will have to do it again at second down and seven. >> cris: not happening. >> al: lots of time. reaching out and misses the catch is barden. into eagle territory and the
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tackle at the 47 yard line. gain of 31. >> cris: coleman, i told you, he jumps play action passes. watch this, play fake. comes up, ramses barden right over the top. you have to know some situations. you're inside of nine minutes and you're given a freebie. >> al: ran by asomugha as well. the ball is at the 49 yard line. hynoski was the fullback. again over the middle. inside the 20. breaking tackles. out of bounds. setting up a first down and goal. got away from nate allen. play fake again. burning him is eli. 31 yards. >> cris: watch this move. nnamdi asomugha obviously thought he was getting some help. i think that was nate allen going up for the play fake this time. coming up, going right behind him.
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both safeties coming too soon to play the run, which in a six-point lead, i don't know, you tell me why. >> al: giants with two receivers, cruz, from the draw, bradshaw. ahmad to the 6. we're talking about those comebacks. eli last year so magnificent taking them from behind. on the other side of the coin, that was the bane of philadelphia's existence last year. they blew five fourth quarter leads. >> cris: they played well at the end of the year, but could never catch up after that slow start. the change on the defensive side contributed to it as much as anything. >> al: under seven to play. second and goal. formation to the right. eli stepping up, throws, wide open, over the middle to bear pascoe.
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one of those in that bunch formation. first time he's targeted tonight. and the giants tie the game and have a chance to take the lead with the extra point. >> cris: i'm not sure i've ever seen the philadelphia eagles play worse defense than they did on that drive. come inside here, completely leave the outside guy in. that's the most basic of all bunch pattern routes. they just crisscross, completely lose the inside tight end. dreadful coverage that entire drive. >> al: tynes to give the giants the lead, which he does. pascoe's first regular season touchdown. had one in the playoffs last year. takes 2:40 to go 83 yards. 17-16 new york. some places like to talk about billions served
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we're both running a nice, clean race. no need to get nasty. here's your "honk if you had an affair with taylor" yard sign. looks good. [ male announcer ] fedex office. now save 50% on banners. >> al: earlier today drew brees in green bay throwing a touchdown pass tying the iconic record of johnny unitas back in the '50s. brees with a chance to set the record at home against the san
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diego chargers. tynes sending it down to boykin, the rookie out of georgia. he'll get stopped at the 17 yard line. michael vick through his career game winning drives, 13 of them. 6 with the eagles and 2 of them this season, both games they won against cleveland -- at cleveland in the opener and against baltimore in week two they were trailing in the fourth quarter. >> cris: plenty of time. you can run anything in your offense, lesean mccoy has been very effective there lately. >> al: rushed for 91 yards after the first half. and vick. guns it over the middle. right on the money.

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